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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 ways to get where you want to be?

How did I wind up having my own business?  It as not a miracle but it was my dream. To be my own boss. 11 years of working from different companies still, I never had the chance to be happy. However, two of the best companies I have worked with taught me how valuable life is. And from then on, it changed my life.

As far as my career goes, I was very thankful to my two bosses, one from the Telecom Industry, Sir Jun Banaria and my other Boss, Sir Archie Velasco form Ayala Foundation which I considered as my Godfathers.

I can still remember one of them saying " You are a nobody until you choose to be somebody with greater hopes and higher inspirations in life" and this I share to my fellow staff.

And from all the lessons  I have learned, 5 of them gave me the way to my dream.

1.There is no secret to success, it is plain hard work, determination and prayer.
2. Believe in yourself and your dream will follow you. - confidence is not a gift, it is learned
3.LEARN, LISTEN, LOVE. - learn from other people's mistake. listen to other people's opinion and love what you are doing.
5. KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. If you don't, the start thinking right now.

life is so short to make yourself miserable.....

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