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Sunday, September 30, 2012


September 30, 2012

Not all people know about how powerful a choice to be happy really is. I am not a good writer but I write from my heart and I just want to share this to all of you. I am not here to lure you into voting the best writer there is or prove to my professor that I can write.

HHHhhmmm,anyway, I just read an article about congeniality of how to be liked by all?!! it's easy to said than done right???.... We always worry too much about small things and what people will think and say about our status in life, or how our relatives and family will react in our actions and decisions in life. I am not saying that you do what makes you happy, No... that is too much to ask.. rather Choose to be happy if that is what you want. Don't care less, that is so heartless of you. Give what you can give, take but don't take it all for you, share what you can share and keep what you must keep. Is this confusing for you? that's what I thought.... What I'm trying to say is that if everything falls apart, you have to make a choice to whether dwell on the past or move on. Life is not that easy. I know...

In every experience there will always be a good fruit  and that is your choice whether to pick the good apples and throw the rotten ones.
 So how will you do it? Simple, get up and say to yourself. IT'S TIME TO CHOOSE MY HAPPINESS. WHATEVER ANXIETY YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW, DEAL WITH IT AND LET IT GO!!

it's cliche but true, we live only once... don't keep yourself waiting for nothing... you have a purpose, find that and you will find happiness... it's your choice!!!

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