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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sweet bites @ missy bonbon

 Did you know?

Missy BonBon is known for homemade gelatos, great selection of breads and even breakfast treats. Visit the place at the corner of Rosario Drive, Limketkai Center, Cagayan De Oro City.  It open at 7 am and closes @ 10pm daily.

Hungry?  or just hang out with friends....

Have a bite and relax at Missy Bonbon with different yummy flavors of ice cream you can choose from at a very affordable price. No need to worry about sugar and calories because in this place everything is nutritional and fresh. they also offer nutritional drinks, pastries, cakes, and even pasta. You can bring everybody including your lolo's and lola's, moms, dads even your yayas. Perfect not only for sunday gatherings but everyday of the week. 

A unique experience
I have been living for three years in Cagayan de Oro City and it's only now the I get to enjoy the breads that I really love. The taste of the bread is sweet and and the texture is soft and chewy. you'll be surprise how fresh they are. Everything is cooked and served in that place. and My most favorite is the bread with Blueberry filling. And believe it or not, as an illongga, I enjoy the sweetness of the bread. " Mahilig kasi kami sa maalat, and my dad loves bread and he always buys the ensaimada with cheese." Next time I'll bring him at the breadshop to taste the new bread in town.

 Next stop...GELATOS...what's the difference? all came from pure cow's milk , fresh fruits  and no preservatives...Now, where can you get that? of course, where else!!! only at Missy BonBon where they offer more than ten kinds to choose from. "the names are uniquely combined and the toppings are yum to the taste." I'm not a food critique but I know what a good food is when I see one and that is one fine Gelato...recommended to ALL AGES... I won't be surprised if my Lola would come to visitme here once I tell her that she can eat ice cream nah!!!....

Looking for a good breakfast?....After a long walk and stroll by the area why not relax at Missy Bonbon's veranda. get a copy of the newspaper and order at the breakfast menu. According to the Nutrition guide, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day... so don't skip instead eat here and they will cook everything in just 10 minutes. Experience the true way of morning delight.

 Henrick Yu together with his partners made a statement in Cagayan De Oro City. the idea is serve the best food in town and they did succeed. Not only the food tastes very good but even the ambiance is very warmth and relaxing. The people who are working in that place have high spirits and I can sense that they love what they do. 

 To Missy BonBon congratulations... I give you five stars *****.... JOB WELL DONE!!!!


Grace Abdon
Ayala Foundation 

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